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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is shipping charge?
Please calculate shipping charges from our freight calculator system. You can get the rough idea of the freight from Japanese port to your country. Please note this is for your reference purpose only. You will get the precise shipping charge on our Official Invoice. You can also get quotation/estimate cost of the cars before ordering.
2. Would you please give me ship schedule information?
Yes, will will let you know the shipping schedule by E-mail.
3. Can I insure my shipment?
Yes, you can choose with or without insurance by clicking "yes" or "no" at "TOTAL PRICE CALCULATOR".
4. How long it will take to reach car?
It may take about 3 to 5 weeks after car leaves Japanese port depending on the destination. we use best shipping company for desitnation port as per services. We have tie-up with different shipping companies for different destination ports.
5. What documents we will receive?
We will send you following documents :
  • 01. Bill of Lading
  • 02. Invoice
  • 03. Export Certificate/ De-registration certificate
  • 04. Insurance certificate or letter (Only for who requested Insurance.)
You will receive these documents by Express Mail or Courier.