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Toyota Hilux Surf

Major feature of the car that Hilux Surf, high off-road, to make sturdy, customized, large body, there is a wide livability such as, but not taste an ordinary car real thrill.

The origin of the name
“Hilux (HILUX)”, the English “Hi (luxury, better)” and “Luxury (luxury, luxury, luxury)” is coined from. “Surf” in the sense that “ripples” in the “surf” in English, represents the spread of use.

First Generation (1984-1989 years)
1 second generation of Hilux appeared in May 1984.200px-1st-Toyota-4Runner
It is a 2/5 seater van loaded with the FRP canopy on the bed portion of the “Hilux” small pickup truck. And launched in the car name “4Runner” from October 1983 in advance to the North American market.
A combination of 4WD with a wagon body and excellent off-road that can be used in versatile, range of leisure has become an attractive that spread to much.
In all engine series four-cylinder, was set 2000cc petrol, 2400cc naturally aspirated diesel, a 2400cc diesel turbo.
Suspension both the front and rear rigid axle type that was hung in the leaf spring.
Change the front suspension, double wishbone independent suspension using a torsion bar spring in August 1985.
In August 1986 and was adopted electronically controlled 4-speed AT.

Second generation (1989 -1995 years)
Toyota_Hilux_Surf_130_002Second generation of Hilux appeared in May 1989.
Although still a Hilux small pickup truck and a sister car, discard the wild body style that track body + FRP made cabin of its predecessor, it became possible to obtain more conventional, and a dedicated body of deluxe steel roof.
Engine 2 liter of gasoline, in three models of 2.4-liter turbo diesel and the 2.8-liter diesel (van only), transmission 5-speed MT or 4-speed AT.
Rear suspension, remains rigid axle, is changed to 4-link using a coil spring in place of the leaf spring, has improved driving stability and ride comfort.
I was standard equipment automatically switch ADD system from 2WD to 4WD mode on all models.

Third generation (1995 -2002 years)
Toyota_Hilux_Surf_180_351Third generation of Hilux has appeared in December 1995.
Personally this Hilux third generation model you like best in the 笙ェ
The renewed the chassis from the frame and further improve the running stability and ride comfort can be enlarged wheelbase / tread.
Body format, and only four-door with a back door which was changed to flip-up, providing the standard body in the 5 number frame, the two variations of the wide body fitted with fenders.
Engine and 3.4 liter ツキ 185PS petrol of new adoption of V-type 6-cylinder DOHC (5VZ-FE), 2.7-liter 150PS petrol four-cylinder DOHC (3RZ-FE), 3-liter diesel turbo 130PS four-cylinder SOHC (1KZ- three TE). Transmission is electronically controlled 4-speed AT or 5-speed MT. Drive system is part-time 4WD other, the main grade have adopted full-time 4WD traveling also possible 4 mode part-time 4WD. Front suspension change the spring remains double wishbone to the coil from the torsion bar. Steering and employs a rack-and-pinion type in place of the ball-nut type. In May 1996, in place of the diesel turbo engine intercooler with 140PS, in July 2000 was changed to common-rail direct-injection diesel turbo 170PS (1KD-FTV). August 1998, in response to voice desires an inexpensive SUV requiring no 4WD function to add a “sports runner” which lowered 65mm from 4WD model vehicle height in FR.

Fourth generation (2002 -)
2002_Toyota_Hi-Lux-Surf_01Fourth generation of Hilux appeared in November 2002.
Appearance, such as the front grille and the base of the width of the trapezoidal outline a wide C-pillar to represent the personality of the “Hilux Surf”, it was a strong sporty style.
Drive system is part-time 4WD with FR and auxiliary transmission. Newly developed Torsen LSD of which exhibits the general traveling 4WD functions suitable for on a slippery road surface I was adopted.
Engine and two gasoline four-cylinder 2.7-liter (3RZ-FE) and 3.4-liter V-6 cylinder (5VZ-FE), 3-liter four-cylinder set the direct-injection diesel turbo (1KD-FTV).
Then, 2.7-liter unit is to 2TR-FE in 2004, in July 2005, instead of the V6 petrol unit from 3.4 liters to 4 liters (1GR-FE), was abolished in Japan for diesel.
Transmission except it 4 liter cars with 5-speed AT is a 4-speed AT.

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