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As The good thing about the Toyota RAV4, there is the magnitude of the behind the luggage space. You can easily put a large luggage without this space gives the impact on the seat part.
Moreover, since part of the floor is made low, so that you can put without was weak women force also lift the big luggage. In addition, door so has a structure that is open to the side, there is a feature that close also opened the door for people with low height is very easy.

The origin of the name
Stands for “RAV4″ is “Recreational Active Vehicle 4 wheel drive”.

First Generation (1994 -2000 years)
Toyota_RAV4_01Compact size SUV that was released in May 1994.
“RAV4″ is a new type of 4WD on-road driving emphasize that employs a front-wheel-drive-based full-time 4WD to frameless monocoque body, and no driving sense of discomfort even transfer from the general passenger car, maneuverability due to the high seating position ease, women were also supported.
A four-door model, which stretched 210mm wheelbase in April 1995, 2WD (2 wheel drive) for those who do not need a 4WD to September 1997 model I was also added.

Second generation (2000 -2005 years)
Toyota_RAV4_02That the United States in the CUV (crossover utility Vehicles), in the second generation of the opened the new genre of cross-country car of passenger car design “RAV4″, was released in May 2000.
And follows the concept of “urban high-performance SUV”, for the purpose of merchantability improvement in overseas markets, it was slightly larger than the first generation.
Engine series four-cylinder DOHC, with two of the VVT-i, a new 2.0-liter 152PS of direct-injection system D-4 in 4WD, equipped with a 1.8-liter 125PS type for 2WD (FF).
Transmission Set 4-speed automatic Super Eツ CT and 5-speed manual (4WD only).
4WD system was changed to full-time 4WD system that combines the bevel gear and the viscous coupling LSD in center differential.

Third generation (2005 -)
Toyota_RAV4_03Third generation, which appeared in November 2005. To strengthen the character of as overseas strategy models to 2 generation or more, adopted body the new platform was size up to the whole (total length 4335mm, overall width 1815mm, height 1685mm, wheelbase 2560mm).
Japan specification and only 5-door, I combined a 2.4-liter four-cylinder (2AZ-FE) Super CVT-i 7-speed sports with sequential shift matic to the engine.
4WD mechanism instead of the full-time 4WD of center differential + viscous coupling type up to its predecessor, the electronically controlled newly adopted.

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