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Toyota Corolla

Toyota of typical models, it is one of the most popular public passenger car series in Japan.
In a nutshell as the character “well-mediocre a car”
As a result, it is a Japanese domestic market, was successful both in terms of export market car.

Means “Corolla” is, in English “flower of crown (the most beautiful part of the inside of the flower, the petals of the aggregate).”
“Eye-catching, beautiful style of high-compact car” was named after the image of.

First Generation E1#type(1966 – 1970 years)
Five-passenger small size sedan of the 1 liter class which it set midway of “pub Rika” and “the corona”

Second generation E2#type(1970 -1977 years)
I became one size bigger than the first generation.
I added 4 doors to a van, and the basic body became five kinds of 2/4 door sedan, two-door coupe, the 2/4 door van.

Third generation E3#/5#type(1974 – 1979 years)
1976_Toyota_CorollaIn popular name name “30(Japanese pronunciation sa-n-ma-ru)”, In this third generation of the output according to the car name became the number one in the world.

4th Generation E7#type(1979 -1987 years)
Toyota_Corolla_E70_001I improve ride comfort and run stability by having made rear suspension 4 link / coil springs with lateral rod from a semi ellipse leaf spring.
By each generation “Corolla ,” it was the model with many body variations.

5th Generation E8#type(1983 -1987 years)
It was become FF for the first time, and four-wheeled independent suspension was adopted.

6th Generation E9#type(1987 -1991 years)
Under the theme of “the world high quality sedan across the class ,” I raised a feeling of car case.
I overlapped with bubble economy and recorded 300,008 unit sales of new cars a year in 1990 because a high quality and the equipment on the heels of an upper car model got a favorable reception.

7th Generation E10#type(1991 -2002 years)
Toyota-CorollaE100rearI added to sense of quality more by adding to the voluminous feel of the body design.
It was a very model of high quality including inner decoration and the equipment.

8th Generation E11#type(1995 -2002 years)
1997_Toyota_Corolla_01The Corolla series became the constitution of a four-door sedan, a two-door coupe (“Levin”), a four-door hard top (“Ceres”), “Spacio” of MPV, a four-door wagon, the four-door van.
The decoration design which is largely different from a product for Japan in a product for overseas export is adopted, and an injury begins for I put together in the market, making it.
I develop consideration to environment and security and total cost in mind.


9th GenerationE14#/15#type(2006 -2014 years)
1280px-E120_Toyota_CorollaA double feature of a four-door sedan normal as for the body type and “FIELDER” of 5 door wagons.
The sports models such as grade of GT of the sedan origin and “COROLLA LEVIN” abolished it.
It was equipped with VSC( sideslip prevention mechanism) that I came to do for the first time and the safe equipment for TRC( traction control) for “Corolla”.

10th Generation E12#/13#type(2000 -2008 years)
The sedan for Japan becomes “COROLLA Axio” with the subname from this Generation.
I projected a backward picture at the time of retreat and was shipped with the back monitor which reduced the burden at the time of the parking on driver to all cars.

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