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The need for seat belt

The seat belt is indispensable in terms of ride in an automobile.
It is the seat belt are usually casually, it is a lifeline that will help at the time of the accident.

The seat belt, various types exist.
Yougo_pretensioner_1Those that are attached to the driver’s seat and front passenger seat in what is called a three-point, it has become quite complex mechanism.
Is angled sensor, seat belt and or inclined sudden brake and the car is has become a mechanism to lock in.
Well run has been, suddenly become as seat belt is tightened no longer elongation it is because that.
In short, I have me support the body by locking.

Then, intended to operate when the collision is called Pretensioner is a device for winding up the seat belt is allowed to ignite the gunpowder in the collision impact.
Thus, it is living in without hitting the windshield.
In recent years, comes with also of special features to buckle side.

The rear seats, the old days recently but two-point was the mainstream has become three-point.
But there are many things that do not come with Pretensioner in the rear seat.
Because it day-to-day development is also progressing, it might take them even in the rear seat.

The three-point seat belts in the rear seat, also comes with mechanism to secure the child seat.
When I pull the seat belt in the back seat, to hear a ticking from a certain point, it will lock.
This is because with a mechanism to secure the child seat.
Various types to other, but there is a mechanism, the rest I will introduce to the next opportunity.

With a recognition that is in order to protect my life, and the lives of other people, I would like to do the seat belt  to you.

Incidentally seat belt to be used in the race, 6-point is the mainstream when it formula car.
This has buckle to the portion of the stomach, shoulder, hip, I will be fixed through the crotch. Body I have firmly fixed so as not to move in G (load).

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