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Have piled up volcanic ash in the car!

20150423-00000042-reut-000-1-viewEffects of volcanic ash has on the car body

Basically, it does not volcanic ash gives a good effect on the car.
You’d better was subjected to immediate measures as much as possible.
Car of life is getting shortened to ensure.

When the work such as removing the ash,
Please put the protective equipment such as dust mask and goggles as possible.
Because volcanic ash adversely affect also to the human body,
Keep your body yourself.

Painting surface
chloride ash contains, reacts with moisture in the air is such as sulfides,
Is acidified passes through the protective film of the painted surface and may damage the painted surface itself.
And if the state you are piled up a little, let’s drop the volcanic ash paying to avoid scratching.
Anyway,it should not rub.

Air filter
It is clogging easy situation in volcanic ash than usual. There is a possibility that fuel consumption falls by clogging.
However, just because the clogging, it should not be operated without the air filter.
If you can not exchange, you can clean from the inside to the outside by blowing the air.
Air filter, let’s replace it from got the parts that can be exchanged.

Engine oil, engine oil filter
As air filter will not be noticeable, but surely volcanic ash will continue to contamination.
Since the internal engine there is a negative impact such as scratches increases, usually earlier than
Let the oil change.

hai-300x170Be careful with ash piles up environment
Volcanic ash, such as lava when the volcano erupts is turned particulate, is what it is scattered by the wind.
When you are dry, the volcanic ash is fine hole that light open, from the fact that you have a pointed shape
Once the ejected volcanic ash is scattered to fairly far way.
In addition, it also piled up once, such as in can be scattered again wind, to further spread the damage.
Volcanic ash is a few months from piled up is a better impact of volcanic ash was considered not go away.

First, volcanic ash is Lieing thick such period, it is better that as much as possible to avoid the car driving.
When remnants of volcanic ash on the road, the tires will slip.
Tire was winding volcanic ash, it enters the brakes and the engine, will have an adverse effect on the car.
Absolutely, if there is a need to go out, be sure to run as slowly as possible.
Not just for yourself, because also that go sprinkled ash around.

During operation, the front glass is becoming dirty white, when the visibility worsens
Be careful to use of the wiper.
Without the washer fluid, you move the wiper, there is a possibility that a crack enters the front glass.
If possible, please take wiper from plenty over the washer fluid to the windshield.
Applying the wiper in the half-hearted washer fluid, volcanic ash is turned Damas, rather it dirty
Visibility will be bad.

The maintenance of volcanic ash
If the ash is you are in the Lieing thick environment, to protect the car, it is best to put the cover.
All you need over the cover to the small beans, influence from the volcanic ash will considerably prevented.

Piled up volcanic ash, please drop diligently. When I was left accumulated
It is also possible that it is no longer take solidified.
If you are driving, do not you fly in the wind? Do not considered such.
When the volcanic ash is deposited once, even in the car side, there is also such thing does not take a few months.

Adverse volcanic ash on the car there without limit.
As a countermeasure, frequently dropping the volcanic ash. I will arrive at this.
It is a very, but, in order to prolong car, frequently
Let’s make the removal of volcanic ash.

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