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Let wash the car

b2c86868e1677e789b07b054f02c62ad_s1. Drop a rough dirt
First, before scrubbing with a car shampoo,
It dropped the rough dirt with water.

It is possible to drop the easy dirt With the jet spray.

2. Scrub in car shampoo
Once off the rough dirt,
A moderate concentration of car shampoo and scrub the well whipped body a sponge.

Scrub time, rather than scrub strongly,
Lightly stroking degree is enough.

97efe6e378dffe69156741524559a3fe_s3. Car wash from the top
Basic hand washing car wash,
Roof, pillar, hood, trunk, windows, doors,
Body panel, we can say that generally go wash in the order of the bumper.

This is because when you wash, dirty flows from top to bottom,
If you would wash the lower part of the first,
It will be much trouble to wash portion is also dirty,
Because it becomes double effort.

4. Wash away quickly
When you wash, wash away quickly before it dries.

When the bubbles would dry,
Will again keeping dirt to great pains wash portion.

5. From above quickly be wiped off
The same way as when you scrub the car shampoo,
We’ll wipe the moisture in order from the top.

When you wipe is performed quickly,
We try to keep the dirt, such as dust after car wash to a minimum.

When performing hand washing car wash, than a sunny day,
It can be said that recommended the day you are a little cloudy.
Also, try to avoid is a windy day.

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