How to Buy

Buy stock vehicles from Japan in 5 Easy Steps

1: Select your vehicle.

At first, select a vehicle you want.

2: Get a free invoice and order the vehicle.

Request an invoice for any used car from our stock: it is free and easy.

3: Go to your bank and proceed to payment.

Go to Local Bank to make payment by bank telegraphic transfer.
You can pay also using PayPal system.
After you have completed the payment please send us a copy of Telegraphic Transfer by mail at [email protected]

4: Your vehicle is shipped.

We book space for your car on a vessel as soon as we confirm your payment.

5: Pick up, Register and Drive.

Pick up the vehicle at your port. The last Action you need to take is just simply register your vehicle in your local authority.
Complete the procedures and drive your vehicle away!

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