Pay Online  

We accept payments from credit cards and paypal, through paypal's secure payment gateway.
You can use this form for sending order payments, order deposits or deposits for auction participation.

How to use this form to send a payment

  1. First, Click the Paynow button ( Japanese Yen or USD ).
  2. In the next page, enter the amount you wish to pay in the price textbox in the currency displayed in that page.
  3. Log in from PayPal login screen.
  4. Confirm the address and payment amount and complete payment.

You have to add the amount you wish to pay us and additional 4% more handling charges.

Example : Japanese Yen
Amount you wish to pays 100,000
Handling charges 4% 4,000

Japanese Yen 

United States Dollar 

Please contact us after making a payment, so we can rightfully handle your payment.