How long is the undercarriage life of a damper?

Life span of your favorite car. How much does a damper wear out? When should it be exchanged and what kind of subjective symptoms should we judge?

What symptoms to judge

The undercarriage that will be exhausted if you are running. When it comes to refreshing or changing your undercarriage, it is difficult to determine how far and in what distance you should go, or what kind of subjective symptoms to judge.

However, the suspension of a car is one in which the degree of wear varies greatly depending on the running conditions and usage conditions of each individual vehicle. A car that runs slowly can be of little concern, but a car that is used a bit harder will wear out earlier.

In that case, I think that we will judge while looking at the state and symptoms of each one.

It is said that when the damper comes mainly, the ride feels less tight. A spring has the property of continuing to bounce, and the damper controls it. If the damper is weak, for example, as the behavior when overcoming unevenness, the number of “Fuan” once contained will be increased to “Fwanfwan…” twice or three times. This is a relatively easy-to-understand example.

Another notable example is that the roll cannot be completely controlled during cornering, and the roll leans deeper than usual.

These are just signs, and you can think of them as a material for measuring the wear of the entire underbody due to these squashed scales. Furthermore, in emergency situations such as danger avoidance, performance may not be fully demonstrated, so it can never be neglected.

Is it common sense that Japanese cars are 100,000 km without replacement? !

For example, if you usually bring a family car to a dealer or the like, you may be advised that 100,000 km is OK.

In the case of a slightly hard use car such as a sports driving car, it is rather often replaced with an external item before the owner’s intention, so there is no really useful element, but after all the sense Around 60,000 km and less than 100,000 km may be a criterion.

Many car enthusiasts say that when they get a used car, for example, a sports car, they say “initialization work” and many of you are thinking about refreshing your undercarriage from the beginning.
It is a very effective way to erase the lingering sound of the previous owner.

When buying a used car, it is also important to check the good and bad of the undercarriage compared to many cars.
It should be a very large material in divulging conditions other than undercarriage.

If you’re getting in from a new car, the thing to be aware of is that you don’t notice the Hetari. It is hard to notice the change of condition because I ride every day. In order to prevent such a situation, check at the maintenance shop,It’s important to have people ride and see it with others’ eyes.

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