Estima finally finished production! Is the used car price soaring?

In October 2019, the stylish minivan Toyota Estima / Estima Hybrid disappeared from Toyota Website. Production has been discontinued as previously announced.

The long model life of about 13 years has come to an end. Here we would like to provide you with the latest information on Estima used cars.

Looking back on the history of Estima

Speaking of Estima, the original model appeared in May 1990 with the catchphrase “Genius egg” due to its unique one-motion form.

Estima was 3 number size, but a derivative model called Estima Seeda / Emina of 5 number size appeared.

At the same time as showing off strong brand power among minivans, it became a big hit model and at the same time became the roots of dressing up with minivans.

The second generation that appeared in 2000 inherited the stylish styling of the egg type, but the drive system was changed from the conventional MR installed under the floor to the FF mounted in front of the driver’s seat, and in 2001 the first minivan Added hybrid model.

The third model, the final model, was the Estima / Estima Hybrid in January 2006. The gasoline-powered Estima uses a 2.4L straight four engine and a 3.5L V6 engine that produces a maximum output of 280ps.

The system used in the Estima Hybrid has changed from the previous THS-C to the THS-II. It is characterized by improved power and fuel efficiency.

Since its launch in 2006, Estima third-generation has undergone many minor changes that include improvements to interior and exterior changes.

The first minor change in 2008 was followed by the second minor change in 2012, with aero-grade aeras on hybrid vehicles.

In addition, a third minor change was made in 2016, and the 3.5L V6 engine was abolished. The only powertrain was a 2.4L gasoline engine and hybrid.

In the third minor change in 2016
Toyota Safety Sense C is standard equipment

Also, the grade system has been changed to only aero-grade Aeras. On the other hand, the point is that the delayed safety performance has been modernized with the Toyota Safety Sense C as standard equipment.

Let’s take a look at Estima’s latest used car situation, which has been loved by fans for a long time.

What is Estima’s used car situation?

The last-generation third-generation Estima / Estima Hybrid is distributed in about 2120 gasoline-powered Estima and about 550 Estima Hybrids.

Current Estima Hybrid
(2016 minor change)
Estima’s distribution volume was about 2240 three months ago, so it has been on a slight downward trend. On the other hand, there are about 510 Estima hybrids, so this differs depending on the increasing trend and model.

The average mileage of used cars has remained flat at 70,000 km and 73,000 km respectively for 3 months for both Estima and Estima hybrids this month.

And the most worrisome average price trend, this is clearly separated from light and dark

Looking at the average price

First of all, Estima was about 970,000 yen three months ago, and once dropped to about 910,000 yen at the end of September, but has now risen to about 950,000 yen, and is still rising.

The average price of the Estima Hybrid three months ago was about 1.67 million yen, temporarily reaching a high of about 1.8 million yen, but has now dropped to about 1.63 million yen and is still ongoing.

In other words, gas prices of used Estima end-of-life vehicles tend to increase slightly, and prices of Estima hybrids tend to decrease.

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