Yamagin representatives is a chairman of Japan Used Cars Exporters Association (JUMVEA).
JUMVEA is the only one Japanese government approved association in this industry.

We are YAMAGIN CORPORATION, the most reliable used car exporter.

What We Do

With our system, you have access to buy cars from over 120 auction sites in Japan.

We offer a comprehensive service that covers everything from bidding and purchasing to transportation, vehicle maintenance, and shipping preparation.

Membership registration is free.

By simply providing your email address, you can immediately participate in the auction.

Why Use Us?

Three Reasons Why Customers Choose Yamagin

It was my first time buying a car at a Japanese auction and I was very satisfied with the quality of the car. I’m grateful for your support.

– Tom Keen, USA –

Market price

The value of a car is determined by its model year and condition score, and it’s important to take the current market price into consideration when bidding.

Status Check

Our qualified staff, who have passed the auction inspector certification exam, will thoroughly inspect the condition of the vehicle.

Exclusive supporter

We have dedicated staff members who are able to communicate in English to support your purchasing needs.

“Japanese hospitality(OMOTENASI) is wonderful.

Thank you very much”

– Cathy, UK –

Search for your car from among over 120 car auction sites in Japan.

To keep up with your competitors, it’s essential to buy high-quality products at lower than market prices.

One shortcut to achieving a successful business is by controlling information.

Just imagine having access to that information. Well, we can provide you with that information.

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