How to Bids

Here are the 10 steps for placing your bids
  • Step1
    Open our web-site “,” and then click “My Page” 
  • Step2
    Log in to your Yamagin account.
  • Step3
    On the 1st page of your account, Click “Auction” 
  • Step4
    On the next page from #3, Make sure to choose the “DATE” you want to find your target cars  (Default is the current day)
  • Step5
    Here STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO FILTER OUT WHAT YOU DON’T WANT as you choose what you are looking for.
    • Choose the Make, which will be highlighted in Lt. Grey after you click it
    • Choose the Model.  This will be also highlighted in Lt. Grey
    • Choose Chassis Type, Condition, Year, Km, CC as many as you want in order to AVOID choosing cars you don’t want to.
    • Finally, click the Blue button located on the both side.

    Target cars like below picture comes up if available: Perfectly match your requirements

  • Step6
    Click “favorite” if you find your target car, and then the favorite button will turn to red from blue.
  • Step7
    After finish choosing all target cars, go to “Favorite” folder located on top of screen.
  • Step8
    Again on the next page from #6, make sure the date you found your target cars!  Default is the current date on this page too.
  • Step9
    Click “Bid”, you will be directed to next page.
  • Step10
    Type in a auction price in the Bid Price box.
    On this page, you can give us extra instructions as you type your message in the chat box you see below.
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