5th generation Silvia S13(1988 – 1993)

Win the Prelude with this car

The fifth generation Silvia (S13), released in May 1988, showed extremely strong sales as a Nissan specialty car.
Silvia’s third-generation S110, which debuted in 1979, was a huge hit, but the fourth-generation model (S12) from 1983 was another popular one. This was largely due to the popularity of the second-generation Prelude, which debuted in 1982, and the popularity of the prelude, which was passed on to the third-generation Keep Concept in 1982.

In response, Nissan seriously turned around and developed the S13 Silvia. At the presentation of the new car, President Yutaka Kume at the time stated that he would win the prelude with this car. Direct reference to competing rivals was, and has been, extremely unusual, a signal of Nissan’s awareness of the crisis and his willingness to break through.

The Silvia, which appeared in this way, was made in pursuit of sportiness while following the drive system of the FR since the first model, in pursuit of sportiness, despite the era after the prelude and another rival car, Celica.Also the addition of a 16-valve twin-cam engine to all vehicles also emphasized sportiness.
In the initial 1800cc engine, the naturally aspirated CA18DE model produced 135ps / 6400rpm, 16.2kg-m / 5200rpm power performance, and the turbo-designed CA18DET model produced 175ps / 6400rpm, 23.0kg-m / 4000rpm. The transmission was basically a 5-speed MT, with an electronically controlled 4-speed AT.
The S13 Silvia also features a multi-link rear suspension, a four-wheel steering Super HICAS-Ⅱ, a viscous LSD, and a four-wheel ABS (optional, which was called 4WAS at the time). Then the front window display was set.

The grade name was K’s for turbo version and Q’s and J’s for naturally aspirated version. The names were inspired by Trump’s picture cards.

 As shown in the photo in the catalog, the design theme of the S13 type Silvia is ART FORCE SILVIA (art force Silvia), and at the time it was a very distinctive exterior design and interior design full of the near future sense.

The design appeal attracted many users, and at the same time, was favored by women, so it could be said that the best place for a date car was taken from the Prelude.
In the month following its debut, it sold 6,469 units, more than twice the monthly sales target of 3,000 units, and in 1989, sold 81200 units annually. By the way, since the sales of Prelude in 1989 were only 41,659 units, the sales were roughly doubled, which resulted in the realization of President Kume’s declaration.

It peaked in March 1990, with 11,444 units sold. It was an incredible sale as a specialty. The S13 Silvia subsequently underwent a minor change in January 1991, and was now equipped with a 2000cc SR20 engine, with power increased to 205ps / 6000rpm, 28.0kg-m / 4000rpm, 140ps / 6400rpm, 18.2 / 4800rpm. Up was planned.

Even though the newest S13 Silvia used cars have been more than 20 years old, they are gaining in popularity as compact FR sports models alongside the AE86 Levin / Treno, so the used cars are fairly abundantly distributed.

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