[From the first to the fifth generation] History of the SUV Forester

About a year since the Subaru Forester full model change.
With the introduction of the new RAV4 in April, Forester’s domestic 4WD SUV area is a fierce battlefield.

History of Forester

Forrester born dates back to 1995. The SUV, which appeared under the nickname Striga at the Tokyo Motor Show of this year, is a concept model of the Forester that was commercialized in 1997.

At that time, middle-size SUVs were in the era of occupying a group of rivals, and rival cars such as the Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi RVR, and Honda CR-V were crowded.

Forrester emerged as an intermediate model between station wagons and large SUVs.

By utilizing the Impreza platform, combining a high-output horizontally opposed 2L turbo engine with a symmetrical AWD, it achieves stable and powerful driving and high off-road performance.

Rival cars pointed to car characters for leisure in the nuclear family, while Subaru made Forester a sticking character.

Instead of a full-country SUV that has been the mainstream until now, it has been equipped with an on-road high-output engine, handling that bends well, a suspension that moves well, a brake that stops firmly, and the car had the characteristics of a sports car.

To Forester for Forester fans

The second generation Forester, introduced in 2002, has become an SUV that can be driven more comfortably on road.

Originally, the Forester, which has a strong sports taste, employs a 2.0-liter unsupercharged engine and a 2.0-liter turbo engine, as in the first generation.

The engine has been set with an emphasis on practical torque, aiming for easy handling.

The third generation Forester, which appeared in 2007, has significantly improved the platform and adopted SUBARU Intelligent -chassis.

The body size has been expanded and the style has changed to a large sports utility vehicle that emphasizes the overall height.

The enhanced chassis further enhances the strength of off-road performance and evolved into an all-field drive SUV.

The following fourth generation Forester in 2012 combines the symmetrical AWD with the X-MODE integrated control system, further improving the performance on rough roads.

The adoption of the preventive safety support system Eyesight and the direct injection of a 2.0-liter turbo have enhanced environmental performance in addition to safety performance.

The current model is an all-in-one show fur car taste

The current (fifth generation) Forester that appeared in 2018 adopts a new generation platform SGP (Subaru Global Platform).

The driving feel, such as quietness and riding comfort, has been dramatically improved compared to previous Subaru vehicles, and it has a high-quality feel like a car two classes higher.

Forrester is equipped with the first-use e-BOXER, dramatically improving the texture of the 2.0-liter engine, and a powerful 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine is also available, both of which achieve high-quality driving.

Subaru’s specialty eyesight is equipped with a driver monitoring system in addition to the conventional functions, and the function of preventive safety is further enhanced.

By the way, it is equipped with a rear seat reminder that tells you if you have left your luggage in the rear seat.

The Forester, which is highly regarded as an SUV with high drivability, is also focusing on the rear seats in the fifth generation, and the elements of the show fur car are also enhanced.

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