Car Import Regulations and Duty

Ship information from Japan to Jamaica

  • Nearest Ports : Kingston
  • Departure times : Caribbean Line will depart 2 or 3 times a month.
  • Arrival Period : It will take about 4-5 weeks from Japan to Kingston.

Vehicle Import Regulations in Jamaica

  • Registration year regulation :
    • Motor cars – Five(5) years or newer
    • Light Commercial Vehicles -Six (6) years or newer
    • Trucks & Trailers – Ten(10) years or newer
  • Steering Wheel : Right Hand Drive
  • Pre-export inspection : Unnecessary

Used Vehicles Import Tax in Jamaica


Tax TypePercentage
Import Duty20%
Special Consumption Tax20%
General Consumption Tax16.5%


Tax Type Percentage
Import Duty20%
Special Consumption Tax0%
General Consumption Tax21.5%

All of the information may be changed without notification.
Please contact the customs agent in your local and inquire for the latest updates.

Exports to Jamaica

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