Car Import Regulations and Duty

Ship information from Japan to Myanmar

  • Nearest Ports : Yangon
  • Departure times : Africa Line will depart 3 or 4 times a month.
  • Arrival Period : It will take about2 weeks from Japan to Yangon.

Vehicle Import Regulations in Myanmar

  • Registration year regulation : The importer must obtain an import license from authorities in Myanmar (Burma).
  • Steering Wheel : No worthiness Inspection
  • Pre-export inspection : Unnecessary

Used Vehicles Import Tax in Myanmar

Engine Size(cc)Custom DutyCommercial taxRoad test registration
5000 and above40%25%120%

Please refer to the following site as a reference for the tax base at the time of import customs clearance.

Garage certificate

The “garage certificate” has been required at the time of car imports.
The city’s traffic congestion,Reduction of on-street parking,These are measures that purpose.
The issuance desk is the Yangon District government.

Exports to Myanmar

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