Car Import Regulations and Duty

Ship information from Japan to Uganda

  • Nearest Ports : Dar Es Salaam(Tanzania), Mombasa(Kenya)
  • Departure times : Africa Line will depart 2 or 3 times a month.
  • Arrival Period : It will take about 5-6 weeks from Japan to Dar Es Salaam(or Mombasa).

Vehicle Import Regulations in Uganda

  • Registration year regulation : No Registration year regulation
  • Steering Wheel : Right Hand Drive
  • Pre-export inspection : Roadworthiness Inspection is required (JEVIC,EAA)
    JEVIC; Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co., Ltd.
    EAA; East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd.

Used Vehicles Import Tax in Uganda

Tax TypePercentage
Import Dut25%
Import commission2%
Withholding Tax6%
There is an excise duty10%

All of the information may be changed without notification.
Please contact the customs agent in your local and inquire for the latest updates.

Exports to Uganda

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